Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mc Larens Falls 

19 January 2012

One of a handful of swims last summer due to low temps.

over boulders spills water white into little pools carved over time

the lad stands wet but happy a little upon the edge
 behind and below water falls into rock pools

the boulders curve shaped as cups water flows into effervescent white
clears and moves on after the excitement

above the swimming hole I stand a birds eye view reveals the depth 
and shape of the rocks over which we swim many depths

back on level ground deep green/brown swim hole
boulders larger than I jut from either side forest fringe's the banks

a tree long passed reaches out from forest over awesome rock
it hangs stark white against dark water it's reflected

rocks cut seemingly from circle cookie cutter capture the flow 
before it joins the greater pool dark water light rock

water white as it streams between rocks all shapes & sizes over under trunk of tree
smooth surfaces sharp edges, wet dry, tones dark and light natures contradiction

through water clear see holes where little rocks hide 
natives grow along the edge

in the distance trees stand tall on the hill 
a closer cluster of pine tower 
over main swimming hole boulders rest as water runs

the lad looks small on the mighty rocks 
he contrasts nicely against the green scape and gray ground

on a lone rock he perches ready to take a leap and not get wet

gnarled roots from dry ground rise to hinder those who admire the canopy

a puzzled trunk of dappled textures lines of curves
spotted skin mossy and lichened, grays and woody reds

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