Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back In Time

11 July 2012

curve of boardwalk seemingly mimicked by curve of cloud
in the distance naked poplar one stands alone
as if shunned by three youngest

The Historic Village 
a place where time is being captured in the buildings

I love the contrast of cream weather board
navy blue and black trimmings of window and two double doors

old farm machinery a tiller perhaps
red wagon wheels and light blue long curved tines
a skeleton from the past

Leyland O'Brien
looking almost steamy 
bizarre tractor with canopy

Forresters Hall
Like an old school bank love it's window arches and arched cove
The roof facade an odd crown

Here again odd crowns of peaks and lines
Old school two storey with its nice sized verandah

The cobbled road adds to the Spaghetti Western feel.
Lets hope these doesn't fall down!

Another classic from a past I never knew but often romanticized about.
Another lovely veranda and the covered walk is great.

My Aunty was married in this church many years ago when I was a kid
I love the white walls and the red roof 
I do wonder though what the turret is for

A wagon wheel back seat cosy enough for two.
Old school love seat?

Here more odd facades veranda and an old hexagonal red telephone box.
I love the contrasting blue bench seat against the shop.

The telephone box like a sleeping Time Lord.

Back to the now what a difference straight flat with minimal fuss
Accented with blue white and greys of curve
making diamonds.

Seventh Day Adventist
Their turret or spire has a silver ball on it's tip.
I imagine many things as to it's relevance.

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